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Firm Services

By being a completely independent and carrier agnostic brokerage firm, we are able to work with multiple carriers and have various strategic partnerships that benefit our clients and their specific planning.

Life Insurance Services

Permanent/Cash Value Life Insurance 
Term Life Insurance
No Exam Life Insurance
Premium Financed Life Insurance
Private Placement
Life Settlements
Policy Audit/Analysis

Insurance Agent

Business Planning

Buy/Sell Life Insurance
Key Person Life Insurance
Deferred Compensation
Executive Disability
"Golden Handcuff" Plans
Business Risk Analysis

Estate Planning

"Bloodline" Wealth Transfer
Tax Planning Strategies 
Gifting Strategies 
Asset Leveraging
Split Dollar
Estate Analysis

Family Portrait
Romantic Picnic Couple

Retirement Income Planning

Longevity Annuities 
Deferred & Immediate Annuities 
Long Term Care Options
Retirement Income Analysis

Disability Services

Long & Short Term Disability
Specialty Coverage for Athletes & Entertainers
Exotic Risk Needs
Disability Needs Analysis

American Football Game
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