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If you bought real estate at the time of the 2008 crisis for rubles, then by 2020 the price in rubles has increased by 10%. In other currencies, you would have suffered a loss

Analysts compared several ways to invest and save money:

1.purchase of real estate,

2.buying a portfolio of shares from the Moscow Exchange Index,

3.buying dollars,

4. ruble deposit in the bank.

It is important to note that inflation was taken into account in all calculations:

Real estate: -5.6%.

MICEX index: +11%.

Dollar: +1.6%.

Ruble bank deposit: +1.1%.

But the Russians, in spite of everything, continue to believe in real estate. In autumn 2019 and spring 2020 alone, more than 100,000,000,000 rubles were taken from Sberbank. Most of the money is invested in real estate.

Let's imagine that a little more than ten years ago you were very far-sighted and in September 2009 (when the market was at a minimum over the past decade) you bought a one-room apartment in a residential area for rent for 4,750,000 rubles.



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